There are 3 unique strengths of Asnul Bahar Consulting

1. State of the art technology
Many organizations are capable of providing the technology which is off the shelf or well established. We take great pride in offering technology which is state-of-the-art and is evolving. We have the reputation of customizing technology specific to client’s needs and proposing solutions which fit their exact requirements.  We developed a unique history matching procedure for a field in the Middle East which was the first of a kind in that company. It was recognized as an outstanding project by all the shareholders. We established a new methodology for upscaling reservoir properties in one of the largest oil fields in Kazakhstan. This procedure allowed the client to run the simulation in a much more efficient way. We worked on new developments in integrated reservoir modeling procedures for our client in Russia. We believe that this project will be no exception. Rather than relying on already established tools, if needed, we would invent new tools and techniques which would help us gain a unique perspective in the current project.

2. Reservoir Modeling and Flow Simulation Experience.
We have been working in the area of integrated reservoir modeling and flow simulation for over thirteen years. The Principal Consultant, Dr. Asnul Bahar, has gain international experience in integrating various data for different reservoir setting, to come up with a robust reservoir model. He is also teaches this subject to worldwide audiences. Our clients are from all over the world.  We have served clients in North America, South America, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.  We have worked on oil and gas fields which are small (few million barrels) and which are large (more than 10 billion barrels).  We have been involved in projects which include the integration of seismic data, integration of geological data and integration of engineering. We have done work all the way from fracture analysis using seismic data to history matching and future predictions of reservoir performance.  We have worked on sandstone reservoirs as well as on fractured carbonate reservoirs.  Our experience is wide-ranging and we intend to bring this experience to the table while working on this project.

3. Relationship to Client: 
We realize the importance of working with clients and transferring technologies to the clients.  In all our projects, we have worked very closely with clients and their personnel so that technology can be transferred effectively to the client.  We have worked with personnel in clients’ offices, or we have brought people from the client in our offices to work with us.  This way, we ensure closer interaction cooperation.  This interaction is going to provide a perspective to a client which is difficult to quantify.  We take great pride in working closely with our clients and making sure that the technology is transferred in a cost-effective manner.

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