Asnul Bahar Consulting provides in-house training and public training classes to improve competencies related to subsurface material and other technical aspects. The topics of the training are:

  1. Integrated Reservoir Modeling
  2. Applied Geostatistica for Subsurface evaluation & Modeling
  3. Reservoir Engineering & Simulation for non Engineer
  4. Static and Reservoir Simulation Integrated Workflow
  5. Subsurface Integration and Static Modeling for non G&G  
  6. Executive Management Class: Reservoir Modeling for Maximizing Asset Opportunity
  7. From Subsurface Interpretation And Analytical to Integrated Reservoir Modeling
  8. Static Upscaling to Flow Simulation Model (Fast Marching Method) for History Matching and Prediction
  9. Seismic Attribute to Stochastic Reservoir Modeling for calculating volumetric and reserve assurance: Undevelop Discovery Structure & New Development Field Cases
  10. Discrite Fracture Network (DFN) Reservoir Modeling in Fracture Reservoir for Calculating Volumetric and Well Placement
  11. Seismic Processing and Multi Attribute Analysis for Reservoir Distribution & Hydrocarbon Mapping in Exploration – Development
  12. Uncertainty Analysis

For field trips can be done specifically or combined with one of the training materials above. This field trip and training topic is tailored to the needs and requests of the user or participant. So even with the topic, time and place can be adjusted by request.

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