Study & Technology


We provide subsurface study services for the following field / asset cases:

  1. Mature Asset / Field
  2. Rejuvenation Asset / Field
  3. Green Field Development
  4. Undevelop Discovery Strcuture
  5. Exploration Area

Typical of study:

  1. GGRP study (review / interpretation)
  2. Subsurface analytical & integration study
  3. Static reservoir modeling study
  4. Dynamic / simulation modeling study
  5. Integrated reservoir modeling study
  6. Waterflood study
  7. IOR/EOR study
  8. Basement fracture study
  9. G&G study


We focus on following the development of technology are:

  • Technology for 3D grid and properties upscalling from static to dynamic without removing or reducing reservoir heterogeneity.
  • FMM (Fast Marching Method) technology for simulation of reservoir modeling.
  • Developing useful applications of oil and gas industry in helping effectiveness and efficiency in increasing production such as machines learning
  • Seismic Processing technology
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