Our Services

We provide 5 – 10 days interactive training for the following topics:

  1. Executive management class: reservoir modeling for maximizing asset value and opportunity
  2. Subsurface interperation & reservoir rock typing (RRT) to integrated reservoir modeling
  3. Static upscaling to flow simulation model for history matching and initial rate  & reserve prediction
  4. Mature asset comprehensive evaluation: subsurface analytical to reserovir modeling
  5. Applied geostatistic for static – dynamic evaluation & modeling
  6. Advanced seismic attribute (Geo-CWT)  to 3D static modeling for calculating volumetric and reserve assurance
  7. Advanced seismic attribute (Geo-CWT) to discrite fracture network (DFN) for calculating volumetric and well placement
  8. Reservoir engineering to simulation model for Geoscience and G&G integration to static model for Reservoir Engineer
  9. Seismic processing & multi – attribute interpretation for reservoir distribution & hidrocarbon mapping in exploration – development

We provide consulting services for the following cases in your company:

  1. Consulting for review the existing reservoir modeling
  2. Consulting for static – dynamic technical issues
  3. Consulting for your in-house study QC
  4. Consulting for your outsourcing study QC
  5. Consulting for day to day work which related with reservoir model & flow simulation
  6. Consulting for make G&G conceptual, G&G interpretation, subsurface analytical – integration (GGR)
  7. Consulting for infill well placement & production optimiziation assurance
  8. Consulting for development  plan scenario of the green field
  9. Consulting for exploration / deliniation well assurance
  10. Consulting for feasibility study (FS) proposal

We provide subsurface study services for the following field / asset cases:

  1. Mature Asset / Field
  2. Rejuvenation Asset / Field
  3. Green Field Development
  4. Undevelop Discovery Strcuture

Typical of study:

  1. GGRP study (review / interpretation)
  2. Subsurface analytical & integration study
  3. Static reservoir modeling study
  4. Dynamic / simulation modeling study
  5. Integrated reservoir modeling study
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