Our Values

We create a reservoir model based on the integration of all subsurface data from small scale data to field scale data. The data is thin section – core – PVT – logs – seismic – dynamic data – production & well history data – analog data – conceptual & regional G&G data.

We combine modeling technology and various mature experiences that have been proven to be applied in a balanced manner between theory versus practice when creating sophisticated 3D reservoir models to provide intelligent solutions to reservoir characterization and simulation complexity.

We can make innovative technical approaches to data integration, static and dynamic / simulation stages to build 3D reservoir models based on availability of subsurface data, technical issues, field complexity and company objectives.

We are fully committed to clients in the world of oil and gas in order to be able to provide new insights and interactive enlightenment on how to integrate and optimize data, understanding the technical aspects of the subsurface, solving reservoir model problems and providing more assurance on simulation results.

We focus that every training, consulting or study given by the client to us must be able to optimally bring benefits to the client company to increase production and to mantain decline.

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