Our Strength

Below is the strength of Asnul Bahar Consulting so why it can look different with excellence quality compared to other professional consultants:

  • The best reservoir modeling & flow simulation principal consultant in the world (Dr. Asnul Bahar, Ph.D & Abdul Latif Setyadi, ST., MT)
  • The best G&G conceptual / framework (advanced seismic multi-attribute mapping) to build 3D static model
  • Dedicated technical team (Geology, Geophysict, Petrophsyict, Reservoir, Production, Drilling, Facility, Economic) for every project / study
  • Have a good parthership and collaboration with univeristy in Indonesia and Kelkar & Associates as developer for technology software (Plug-In)
  • Proven services from the previous clients and any transfer knowledge for your company (engineer) during study / consulting (theoritical โ€“ practical balancing)
  • We have national and international experience & exposure
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