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Dr. Asnul Bahar, Ph.D (President Director)

Dr. Asnul Bahar is the President Director for Asnul Bahar Consulting. He is the Principal Consultant on Reservoir Engineering with specialization in the area of Integrated Reservoir Modeling and Flow Simulation study. This work has put him as the team leader in integrating data from geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering disciplines, to come up with the representative reservoir models used for building full field development plan.

He has earned more than 25 years of international working experience in the oil industry, covering remote/offshore oil fields, research labs, as well as conventional office environment. As part of his duty, Dr. Bahar also serves as instructor for industrial short courses. 

Additionally, using his special skill in computer programming, he is also in-charged of developing PETREL Plug-ins, computer software based on OCEAN Platform with C# Language, With international exposure, Dr. Bahar has adapted to various working condition, developed high communication skills, and quickly learn for new challenges.

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1988, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, 1994, University of Tulsa, OK, USA
  • Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, 1997, University of Tulsa, OK, USA

Developed and implemented new techniques for integrating geological, geophysical and engineering data for various reservoir field studies (carbonate/sandstone, fracture/non-fracture, faulted/non-faulted) using PETREL software. Conducted numerous flow simulation studies using ECLIPSE simulator. Proficient in using commercial software and/or customizing reservoir modeling software. Leader in developing PETREL Plug-ins using OCEAN platform. Received appreciation from one of the biggest oil operator in the Middle East after achieving the best history matched model commended by their international shareholders. Coordinating the operation of various on-going and prospectus consulting studies. Projects conducted include:

  1. Optimization of Well Placement for Naturally Fractured Gas Sand reservoirs, China National Petroleum Corp.
  2. Huff-and-Puff Gas Injection Study for Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fractured Reservoir for Tight Oil Sand, Unit Petroleum, USA
  3. Field Development Plan (primary depletion, water flooding, WAG, and artificial lift) for Highly Faulted Clastic Reservoir of Cheleken Blocks in Turkmenistan comprising 5 oil fields for Dragon Oil, Dubai, UAE
  4. Static and Dynamic Modeling with Uncertainty Analysis of Clastic Oil Rim Reservoir of Erb West Field, Petronas, Malaysia
  5. Infill Drilling Evaluation for Tight Gas Field (Pinedale – Formation) using production data, Ultra Petroleum, Colorado – USA
  6. Integrated Reservoir Modeling Study for Kakap Field, Star Energy – Indonesia
  7. Gas Production Review for new training course material, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran – Saudi Arabia
  8. Modeling and Coaching Program for Integrated Reservoir Studies for Pertamina E&P, Indonesia
  9. Reserve Estimation and Flow Potential Evaluation from exploration field in Gulf of Mexico, USA.
  10. Reservoir Rock Type Modeling, Stochastic Property Modeling, Fracture Integration and History Matching, Shah – Simsima Formation, ADCO – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  11. Reservoir Modeling Review for Kaji-Semoga, Senoro, Singa and Alur Siwah Field studies, Medco – Indonesia
  12. Integrated Reservoir Modeling of Carbonate Reservoir for Zulu Field, Pertamina ONWJ – Indonesia
  13. Integrated Reservoir Study for Reserve Evaluation of Gas Field, Repsol YPF – Argentina
  14. Static Reservoir Modeling of a huge clastic reservoir model with water flood field scheme and pilot study of automatic history matching using combination of streamline and finite difference simulator (ECLIPSE), Rosneft, Russia.
  15. Static Reservoir Modeling of fractured carbonate reservoir with the concentrate on permeability prediction and dynamic data integration, Pioneer Natural Resources, Dallas, USA.
  16. Flow Simulation and Field Development Plan for candidate of CO2 injection field, Chapparel, Oklahoma, USA
  17. Static Reservoir Modeling for Geothermal Field of Wayang Windu Field, Star Energy, Indonesia.
  18. Reservoir Rock Type Scheme Development, Upper Thamama Formation – ZADCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  19. Fracture Modeling and Integration into Reservoir Model, Arab-D Formation– Bunduq, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  20. Stochastic Reservoir Modeling, Sahil Field, ADCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  21. Reservoir Modeling and Fault Communication Study, NEB-Upper Thamama, ADCO – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  22. Reservoir Evaluation, Hardy and Antelope Fields – Mississippi Chat Formation – Marjo, Tulsa, USA
  23. Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Flow Simulation, San Francisco Formation, HOCOL, Colombia
  24. Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Arab-C Formation, QGPC – Qatar

Instructor for Short Industrial Courses, 2002 – Present

  1. Courses Taught for Worldwide Participants: 3D Integrated Reservoir Modeling Workshop, Applied Geostatistics for Reservoir
  2. Modeling, Applied History Matching, Efficient Transformation of Static to Dynamic Model, Uncertainty Analysis for Reservoir
  3. Model with Workflow Editor, Conducting Integrated Reservoir Studies, Flow Simulation for Reservoir Modeler, Basic Reservoir
  4. Engineering, and Gas Production Engineering.

Reservoir Simulation Engineer (1997 – 1998), Schlumberger – GeoQuest Reservoir Technology.

Responsible for analyzing reservoir engineering data, and building reservoir simulation model

Research Assistant, The University of Tulsa, 1993 – 1997

Conducted integrated reservoir characterization and flow simulation study for marginal oil field under water flooding scheme (Glenn Pool Field, Oklahoma) that has been in operation for 100 years. The model recommendation has doubled the production from its latest condition. Developed new technique and implemented into computer software using C++ program language (COSIM software).

Wireline Logging Field Engineer (1988 – 1992), Schlumberger – Wireline & Logging

Worked as Wireline Logging Engineer with assignment in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Indonesia.

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  1. Waterflood and EOR Specialist
  2. Advanced Seismic Processing Specialist
  3. Seismic Interpretation and Multi-Attribute Specialist
  4. Carbonate, Clastic and Fracture Reservoir Specialist
  5. Structure Geology Specialist
  6. Petrophysic Specialist


We have dedicated technical team for every study / project for supporting Dr. Asnul Bahar, Ph.D and Abdul Latif Setyadi, ST, MT. The team are:

  1. Project Leader
  2. Geologist
  3. Geophysic
  4. Petrophysic
  5. Reservoir Engineer
  6. Production Engineer
  7. Other support team (Drilling, Facility, Economic)
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