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What is the concern of oil and gas companies now in Indonesia and the world ?

Most of the oil and gas companies are aleady in the mature field phase. Addied with subsurface and surface that have experienced high complexcity. The greatest arrival is to mantain the production decline and remain consistent every year in increasing production with various low cost and high impact strategies.

The main strategy that is usually carried out by oil and gas companies in the world is to sharpen subsurface as the spearhead in technical assurance of subsurface opportunity (infill well, workover) and focus on study for generating opportunity and adding reserve. As for the things in subsurface that can be done by national or internationally in carrying out thier business strategies, in order to answer the above challange, it is:

Our Services

There are three main offering services from Asnul Bahar Consulting which we will offer, namely training & field trips, consulting and study. Below is a detailed explanation of each of the services we want to offer:

Why Asnul Bahar Consulting (ABC) has advantages in Indonesia and the world ?


We have Professional Principal Expert in G&G Integration and reservoir modeling are Dr. Asnul Bahar, Ph.D and Abdul Latif Setyadi, ST., MT


We have strong technical team on the G&G conceptual, G&G interpretation, GGRP analytical - integration and build 3D reservoir model to deliver subsurface opportunity.


Asnul Bahar Consulting as oil and gas consultant services were present working on the reservoir modeling project through consulting or study since 2011 in Indonesia to address the above challenges by focusing on “integrated reservoir model and flow simulation study”.


Good parthership and collaboration with University in Indonesia dan Kelkar & Associates in Tulsa – OK.


Have experinces and exposure in oil and gas companies to work on reservoir modeling in clastic reservoir, carbonate reservoir, fracture reservoir and unconventional reservoir.


We have main office in Jakarta – Indonesia and we have workshop place in Yogjakarta and Bandung.

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